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We are Advanced Public Sector Partners. For more than 30 years, we have forged new connections between established companies in the technology industry and the public sector to negotiate opportunities to streamline business operations for all involved.

Perhaps you are a tech company, who wants to do business in California, and you know you can provide a service that will help improve the daily operations of a particular business in the public sector. Maybe you are a government employee who works in the public sector, in search of a tech company that you can trust and turn to in order to help your business. We at Advanced Public Sector can not only help connect you with the right people to improve your order of operations, we can act as a middleman to help you negotiate the terms of your contract and ensure everyone is happy.

The advisors of Advanced Public Sector Partners have 30 years of experience in the tech business paired with 18 years working in the public sector. With our breadth of knowledge and list of contacts to work, we guarantee you will always receive tailored, quality consultation when you work with us. We never connect you with a company unsuited for your needs out of favoritism or try to force a solution that may hurt your business instead of optimize your operations. Our commitment is to the well-being of your business and ushering quality tech companies into the industry. Ready to get started? Contact Advanced Public Sector Partners today!

John Kilakowske, CEO

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With more than 30 years of experience in the tech industry and nearly 20 years working in the public sector, our advisors create opportunities and negotiate contracts between companies.

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We combine our knowledge of technology with our experience in the public sector to provide clients with middleman services to form a suitable contract between businesses. Work with us today!


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Anyone in the technology business interested in working within the public sector can trust Advanced Public Sector Partners to improve their prospects and potential. See our services here.

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Do you work for a tech company in California? Are you a public sector official looking for improved system opportunities? Contact us today with questions, estimates, and more.

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